• Lime Disease

    Lyme Disease

    Ticks are quickly becoming an endemic threat in southern Ontario, which poses a problem for our pets and family. Click here for more info….

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  • Heartworm Slider

    Heartworm Season

    Our veterinarians will gladly discuss the different ways you can protect your pet against the dangers of Heartworm. For more, click here.

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  • Laproscopic slider 3

    Laproscopic Surgery

    At Town and Country Animal Hospital we are continually striving to bring cutting-edge techniques to our practice. Read more….

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  • dental care slider

    Dental Health

    Without proper dental care, 80% of dogs and 70% of cats show signs of oral disease by age three. For more info on preventative dental care….

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  • Laser Therapy

    Laser Therapy

    Town & Country Animal Hospital now offers ‘Laser Therapy’ as a non-invasive, drug free treatment for healing that has proven to be successful in treating post surgical pain and many acute or chronic conditions. Click here to watch the video and to learn more about this new medical approach….

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  • thebond

    Stouffville’s Town & Country Animal Hospital

    New Clients and Patients are always welcomed to our Veterinary Clinic. For 28 years, our doctors have been enriching and lengthening pet’s lives in the York Region area.

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  • On Call 24-7

    After Hours

    As part of our Veterinary Care, we believe in providing access to our Clinic’s doctors after hours. As such, our Veterinarians are On Call 24/7 to help our Clients with any Emergencies that may arise …

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  • tailored healthcare

    Preventative Care

    Our Veterinarians will Custom Tailor a program from Vaccines to Preventive Health Care needs for Your Pet so they live a Longer, Healthier, Happier Life…

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  • vaccines

    Personalized Vaccines

    The Doctors at our Veterinary Clinic will discuss your Pet’s lifestyle and personalize a Vaccine Program accordingly

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  • senior wellness care

    Senior Wellness Care

    Our Veterinarians can help personalize a Wellness Program for your Senior Pet. Call our Veterinary Clinic for more info.

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Clinic Motto

'We treat Your Pet like Family' - Our veterinarians understand the bond, so they are 'On Call' for you 24/7 for any emergencies that may arise after hours.

Description of our Services and Clinic

Our doctors will help ensure that your Pet has the very best in Veterinary Medicine and Preventative Care. Our veterinary clinic offers a variety of personalized Vaccine Programs, we specialize in Internal Medicine, perform our own Orthopaedic and Dental Surgeries, provide Tailored Wellness Programs from Puppy to Senior pets, offer therapeutic Laser Therapy and 24/7 'On Call' service for peace of mind. Click here for our Testimonial page or click here to learn more about us.

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